The Bipartisan Push For Stricter Vaping Restrictions Nationwide

It’s nothing new for many people to be skeptical about the full effects and long-term implications of modern vaporizers. Especially when it comes to protecting the youth, it’s vital we aren’t supporting something which ultimately makes things worse. That said, we now have a large pile of peer-reviewed and independent research which suggests not only is vaping a useful harm reduction tool, but it’s also a helpful smoking cessation tool as well.

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Why Attend CBD Expos in Barcelona?

If you’re the owner of a CBD business, you know that the United States is full of possibilities in terms of exhibiting your products and learning about the very latest trends in cannabis.  As CBD becomes a more and more popular product, more conventions are popping up around the country in order to allow companies to show off their spectacular product lines. 

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Why Vape Shops Should Start Selling CBD

Do you run a vape shop?  If so, there’s never been a better time than now to consider stocking your shelves with CBD products.  The CBD market, as you probably know, is growing at an incredibly rapid pace, which means that it’s a great time to really boost your revenue by carrying CBD vape products alongside your traditional vaping gear. 

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